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Defense/Aerospace Specialist for Japan

LogyonTech Inc. is the representative and distributor of U.S. defense OEM manufacturers, serving customers in Japanese. Out staff has more than 25 years of experience in launching the defense-related programs, from sustaining of existing systems, to indigenous development of defense systems. We provide our U.S. clients with the seamless service from the early stages of the program to the sales contracts.

Not just a Defense/Aerospace  Distributor or Tech/Marketing Rep

Our free consulting services to both  U.S. OEM and Japanese Customers are  vertically integrated and open the door  to the U.S. and Japan Aerospace/Defense related companies.

Our  expertise in U.S. operations and the experienced marketing team in Japan guide the  customers to develop long and reliable alliances among U.S. OEM manufacturers and  Japanese Defense  industries.    


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